Frequently Asked Questions

What type of topics do you deliver?

We deliver evergreen question based topics. These are long tail keywords that are directly related to your keyword and have users actively searching for them right now. We supply full article outlines including title, url, meta, heading and word count recommendations ready to hand to your writer. Along with this we supply the keyword data so if you're an advanced marketer you can validate our decisions or adjust to your own marketing goals.

How many keywords can I give you per order?

It's 1 keyword per order. We then rephrase it into a number of variations to ensure we get the highest number of titles possible for you based on this 1 keyword. If your website has multiple topics you'll need to place a separate order for each keyword. You could order 1 keyword first and become a topical authority by posting a number articles related to it, or you could order multiple keywords at once and scatter your article releases to have more topic diversity on your website.

What if I don't like the topics you've supplied?

We will send titles for approval first. Once you've approved these titles we'll then deliver the supporting data and full article outlines. We'll only recommend topics that are highly relevant to your keyword and that have people actively searching for them. You may not feel every topic is suitable for your business and that's fine we're happy to work with you on this - but do remember - if you don't target these topics and take that traffic your competition will.

What does your order delivery include?

Article titles, full article outlines and supporting data. We'll supply you with full article outlines ready to hand to your writers. As well as this we'll give you all the supporting data we're found on these topics so you can see why we've chosen them and why we're structured the article outlines the way we have. The article outlines contain the topics, titles, headings, subheadings and word count recommendations - ready to hand to your writers.

Are these blog topics guaranteed to rank?

The topics that we deliver you are more likely to rank than if you just requested your writer write on topic X and then expected results. This is because we find you high value, low competition topics BUT it still depends on the content you write, the age, and the authority of your website. New, low authority or penalized websites are less likely to rank quickly than older, higher authority websites. Our article outlines are designed to give you the highest chance of ranking quickly.

Does this service replace my current SEO or content marketing strategy?

No, this service is one piece of a larger online marketing puzzle. We don't write about trending topics, create content for social media or build your content calendar for you. We supply evergreen question based article topics that can be easily added into any existing content marketing or SEO strategy.

Can you write these topics for me?

We may be able to write for you. Just choose the 'quote me for content writing' option during checkout and we'll let you know our current capacity, turn around time, and price. Take a look at our blog to see how we write and structure the content we produce. We're unable to take special requests or content guidelines. But, our writers have been trained to write in a way that gets great results in the search engines.