How to Find Trending Topics for Blogging

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One of the best ways to get visibility for your blog is to hop on the trending topic bandwagon. But instead of jumping on the first thing you see, be smart about your choices and you’ll find that the results can be very rewarding.

The best platforms to find trending topics are Reddit, Google Trends and Feedly which is an RSS news aggregator. If you are running a niche blog you'll also want to find platforms where your target audience is most active, such as small business forums for business bloggers.

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But, knowing the platforms is one part of the equation, but also knowing which topics to choose and which to avoid is just as important. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best trending topics for your website.
There are times when inspiration is lacking and you are struggling to find interesting topics to appeal to your readers. It’s called writer’s block and it happens ever so often to every writer at one point or the other.

But to maintain a successful blog, you must have a publishing schedule and must rigidly stick to it. So, do you do a half-hearted post today or this week? No. When the deadline looms large, trending topics can come to your rescue no matter the subject. Here’s how you find them.

Current Trending Blog Topics

Let’s look at some tools and how to use them to find trending blog topics.


This is actually a really good tool for those who are searching for trending topics. You can also use it to follow top-rated blogs in your niche so that you can keep an eye on what the competition is up to.

Choose a category and look up the publications you’d like to follow. Sign up for their feed and all the relevant posts will show up on your dashboard. Each story is given a popularity count which is calculated based on its social media metrics.

Google Trends

This is a free tool and is of great help to bloggers who are interested in doing keyword research. This information helps to understand what is the most discussed list of topics on the internet. You can analyze images, videos, shopping trends based on category and location too.

You can pick the location on the top right corner of the screen before entering the keywords into the search bar at the center of the screen. This is for those who are scouting for trending topics in a sub-niche.

If not, the dashboard has a few examples right under the search bar to help you get started. It goes on to list hashtags and topics that are being talked about in the location of your choice.

Google Trends also lists out trending topics with the number of searches right next to it so that you can understand the level of interest. And finally, you can do a year-by-year search for trending topics and pick from them.


If you already know that your audience is on a particular platform like Reddit, you don’t need to get a tool to decipher what their interests are. Reddit has an exciting group of individuals who can lead you to your next popular idea.

The first step here is to pick the right subreddit that concerns your blog niche. There are multiple tabs like “Trending” and “Hot” which can guide you in terms of trending topics.

But if you are new to this, check out r/TrendingReddits that keeps its own tabs on the platform. Its goal is to scan the platform through the day and detect any spike in user interest.

Best Trending Topics for Blogging

Now, it’s not enough to find a list of trending topics in your niche. You need a narrative that makes your blog post unique. That’s how you make the best of a wave of user interest. So, storytelling techniques play a big role in this.

So, you have a trending topic that you want to work on. Now, match it with the style that is also popularly consumed by your audience.

How-To Guides

These are very popular because almost no one wants to sit and read a manual. This category also covers what is now popularly referred to as explainers.

Pick a subject from your list of trending topics that need to be broken down and explained to the user. Tutorials are a great way to get attention in any case. When you pair it with an ongoing trend, you have a winner.

Case Studies

This is another type of storytelling that captures attention quite well. They are a big hit in the online money-making niche because people like to know how someone approached a particular concept, what challenges they faced and how they made it work for them. But it can be applied elsewhere too. You will need to do some research but it’s worth it.

Try to hop onto trending topics such as the Gamestop stock, cryptocurrencies or even the current bull run in the stock market. See what the flavor of the season is and write a case study about it.


This is not just a great way to answer customer questions about a particular product or service but also make some money through your blog as anyone who runs a home improvement blog. But it works for almost any niche.

All you need is your ear to the ground and research. Pick out products that people are looking for reviews for. Some bloggers even do a curation of reviews and make it their own. You don’t always have to have access to the product or service.

Trending Topics to Blog About

The great part about writing about trending topics is that there’s so much variety, but you’ve to ensure you write about topics relevant to your blog’s niche.

If your blog isn’t about a small niche and is more diversified, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of trending topics to blog about.

Here are some examples of trending topics you could blog about:

  • Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling During the Pandemic
  • How Did Elon Musk Become the Richest Man in the World?
  • The A-Z about Cryptocurrencies and How You Can Invest in Them
  • Everything You Need to Know about the Stimulus Bills
  • All about the 7 Most Popular Vaccines around the World
  • America’s 2020 Election Decoded
  • How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home 101

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find Trending Topics on Twitter

This one is very easy. Social media platforms, like Twitter, have realized that the best way to get more people talking about a subject is to display the list of topics. So, whether you are using the app or on the webpage, you will see a Trending section.

If you are using the webpage, you will see #explore on the top left section of the page. Click on that and you will find tabs of different sections on top of the page. One of them is “Trending”. Take it from there.

How to See Trending Topics on Facebook

This is a platform that is perpetually changing its layout. So, you must keep up with those changes to make the most. Presently, there are several tabs on the top left side of the homepage where you can find trending topics through videos, pages and groups.

How to Find Trending Topics on Pinterest

Pinterest Trends is a great place to keep up with the audience on the platform. If you’re in the US, UK or Canada, you can look up topics and terms that have been discussed in the last year or so.

It can be accessed by anyone who wants to check out popular content on the platform. You can narrow your searches based on the country and view the trends data. There is also a search bar with trending topics listed under it.

How to Search for Trending Topics on Instagram

Instagram is actually pretty big on hashtags. So, you must look for hashtags related to the topics you want to write about. But if you want to look at topics that are organically trending, just click on the search bar and type a hashtag into it.

You will find all the relevant content. Clicking on any one of them will lead you to the top and latest posts, and you can explore from thereon. You can also use listening tools that help you track trending keywords if you don’t have the time to explore.
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