What Are the Most Popular Topics to Blog About?

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It’s not enough to have a blog. If you want it to be popular, the key is to stay on point and post on subjects that your audience is most curious about. That needs a little research and we are here to help you with that.

The most popular topics for bloggers to write about include fashion, events, clothing and merch offers, how to guides and instruction manual type posts are also very popular as are food topics such as recipes, healthy eating guides and diets advice.
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But those are still broad niches and you need to narrow your focus down no matter which one you choose. For that, you want to start focusing on the content of each of your blog posts depending on the audience you are targeting. Those of you who want to nail that should keep reading.
Let’s elaborate on the choices we mentioned above. Fashion, food or fitness, you want to get them right. But you also want to offer information that is unique so that you can compete if not beat out the existing top-rated blogs in these spaces. For that, you need to pick blog topics that will get you as many eyeballs as possible. Let’s look into that.

Blog Topics by Popularity

If you’re going to deal with fashion blogs, here’s how you want to get started.

Fashion Blogs

One of the most sought-after areas for a fashion blog audience has to do with personal style. You want to keep your readers entertained and informed at the same time. Here are a few ideas.

  • Outfits that are most worn
  • Outfits that are least worn or never worn
  • Outfit of the day
  • Consider giving your readers a tour of your own wardrobe
  • A tour of your jewelry collection
  • A tour of your shoe collection
  • A tour of your collection of bags
  • A list of your favorite independent labels or shops
  • A listicle of your favorite places to shop online
Your blog can also focus on luxury items because even those who cannot buy this stuff still like reading about them. And there is nothing wrong with being aspirational. So, focus on that demographic. Here’s what you can talk to them about.
  • List out your favorite luxury stores
  • Give tips about buying luxury fashion goods
  • Talk about your preferred luxury accessories and why they’re your favorite
  • Publish your luxury wishlist
  • Do a guide on luxury sales
  • Offer tips on getting luxury items for lower prices
  • Give inside information on spotting fakes
  • Collaborate with a brand and do an unboxing of a luxury item
  • Talk about items that are worth the money
The third category is the opposite. There is a huge line of people who want to discuss fashion that does not push you towards bankruptcy. If you are good at thrift shopping, this is perhaps where you will shine.
  • Talk about different ways of saving money
  • Offer them ideas on looking lavish without blowing a hole in the pocket
  • Hop on a budget fashion trend
  • Discover hidden gems in the city
  • Keep your audience informed on the many sales, what to expect and which ones are worth it
  • Find out how to get imitations (not fakes)
  • What’s hot on stores like eBay or Amazon
  • Point them towards your own budget shopping stores
  • List out the best ‘something’ under ‘X’ amount (For example, the best t-shirts under $49)

Food Blogs

If you are running a food blog and feeling uninspired, here are a few ideas that typically work.
  • Go-to meals on lazy afternoons
  • Family recipes (if any and you’re inclined to share)
  • What’s great about the food culture in a particular city
  • First-hand experiences of eating at a certain place
  • Your own journey with cooking, the challenges and how you mastered something
  • Your travel wishlist and how it is special food wise
  • How you make a mundane dish exciting
  • Personal connection and the history of a food dish

How-To Blogs

Then there are how-to guides. Everyone has Googled one of these at some point in their life. So, there is no denying the power of running a blog that is exclusively an easy instruction manual. Remember WikiHow and HowStuffWorks are great examples of what to cover.

Just remember that it is extra helpful to talk directly to the reader, make it a step-by-step guide and have visuals along with your instructions in text. Do not use complex words or technical terms.

Political Blogs

This is somewhat of a seasonal category. It works incredibly well in an election year or a specific period of turmoil when people are clamoring for an independent source of reliable information. You have fake news to thank for this phenomenon.

You can start by covering elections. And you do not need to go out and have influence to do this. You can talk about candidates and their historical stance on important issues. You can also talk about a party’s agenda and how it has changed over the years. Make use of data journalism and offer your insights along with the numbers.

You could also use a political blog to talk about everyday issues. But it is important for a successful political blog to have a clear voice of its own. If your blog offers just facts, people are likely to stick to the traditional sources of news. Follow press conferences and match them with facts and/or data.

Then there is international news to cover. This is likely to bring a lot of traffic if you do a good job based on your location and how that impacts ties with certain countries.

No matter what your area of interest, you must keep a few things in mind to run a successful political blog.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the political system and use it to breakdown complex issues for your readers.
  • Often you will need to pick a side on an issue or a party and go with their stand.
  • Be ready to get some criticism on the internet for the stand you take.

Popular Subjects to Blog About

We’ve looked at some of the niches and what topics can be addressed in those spaces. And while niches like food and fashion never fail to draw attention, there is more to explore in the realm of popularity. Here we’ll explore two subjects that have been popular on the internet since blogging was a thing.


Take travel, for instance. It is an evergreen subject. People love traveling and there is only one thing they love more than traveling itself—planning all their travels! People are constantly making real and hypothetical itineraries out of their love for travel and it’s a fun subject to blog about too. There is always interest in the subject and here are a few ideas for you to get started.

  • How to Get Through a Long Flight
  • How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway
  • A Quick Tour of Some Hidden Gems in <insert city name>
  • 5 Tips and Tricks for Budget Traveling
  • 9 Local Customs to Learn Before Traveling To <insert country name>

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is another subject that people are always on the lookout for information for. Especially with how things have changed since the pandemic, people are looking for more information especially with regards to working out from home and cooking healthier meals at home.

If you are dealing with health and fitness, consider these ideas.

  • Intermittent Fasting: Does It Work?
  • 7 Best Home Cardio Workouts
  • Healthy Diet Choices to Stay Fit During Lockdown
  • Beginner-Level Meditation Exercises for the Mind
  • Feeling Anxious? Here’s 5 Apps That Can Help You Out

Popular Blog Topics Right Now

This is about staying on top of current events. In the last year, COVID has undoubtedly dominated the conversation. So, work your way into it, no matter the niche.

  • Expert Talk: 5 Myths about the Spread of Coronavirus
  • What to Wear for a Job Interview over Zoom
  • How to Define Boundaries While Working from Home

In 2021, the US has seen a big shift in leadership with democrats back in the White House. The country has also elected its first Black and south Asian female Vice President. Work their progress into the conversation depending on your niche.

  • Biden Presidency: Progress of the Promises Made
  • George Floyd Case: A Timeline of the Events
  • White House Stance on Vaccine Eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start a Popular Blog

There are more than a couple of steps here. You need an idea and a name for your blog that will resonate with the audience and also benefit you in terms of SEO. Find a good host, set up your account and choose a theme that amplifies your best content.

Make a publishing schedule and stick to it. Share your posts diligently on social media with the right keywords and in the right time intervals.

How to Make Your Blog Popular

Be clear about the kind of content you want to publish and who you are writing for. Use as many social media platforms as you can to publicize your content. Identify where your target audience spends most of their time and put extra effort there.

Do not forget to do search engine optimization. This is done by adding the right keywords related to a subject to the headline and body of your blog post. Do your research on best practices.

Who Are the Most Popular Bloggers in 2021?

If you’re looking at fashion bloggers, check out Sincerely Jules by Julie Sariñana, Color Me Courtney by Courtney Quinn and Camila Coelho by, well, Camila Coelho.

If you’re looking for food blogs, take a look at Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman, Rainbow Plant Life by lawyer-turned-blogger Nisha and Our Food Stories by Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius.

If you’re looking for health and fitness blogs, you should try My Fitness Pal, Nerd Fitness by Jim Bathurst and Love Sweat Fitness by Katie Dunlop.

What Is the Most Popular Blog Platform?

For a while now, WordPress.org has been leading the charts when it comes to blogging software and is the backbone for about 40 percent of websites.

It is open source and offers many templates that can easily be customized. If you’re talking about hosting blogs, that’s WordPress.com.
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