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If you think you've covered everything and you're out of new content ideas for your website... this is what you need. Keith uncovers new topics you didn't think existed.

Sam Partland, Australia

SEO / Director

Blog Topics combines both keyword data with actual questions real people are searching for, giving any team the means to stay customer-centric with their content.

Jose Kasijo, Singapore


Most Content Published Online Gets No Google Traffic

Like most businesses, we bet you’re spending a ton of energy on well-written blog content — but seeing no extra web traffic. You’re gaining a firsthand awareness that content & SEO is more than lucky guesswork.

1. You’re writing posts that nobody’s looking for
You need expert eyes to tease out what people really want to read but can’t seem to find.

2. You’re engulfed in a sea of saturated keywords.
Your competitors across the globe use the same SEO tools that you do — so no one really has an edge.

3. You’re dealing with faulty data.
Even Google Keyword Planner can't be trusted. Google hasn't been showing unmerged exact match search volume for years.

We provide a labor-intensive service to uncover the keywords your potential customers are searching for right now. We then validate the data, ensuring that the demand is high enough to actually make it useful.

We dig deep for the keywords, phrases and topics that nobody knows to target!

We Find You Highly Searched Low Competition Topics

And We Don’t Use Keyword Tools To Do It

We Scrape Fresh Data

We “scrape” your individual keyword deeply rather than broadly with our custom scraper and trusted list of variant words. This results in thousands or even tens of thousands of results generated from your seed keyword to close in on the most statistically promising topics to write about.

We Validate User Interest

We then identify patterns of word occurrence to validate interest and group these hand-picked results into themes to create your titles. We apply grammar validation to reveal the strongest titles that are also likely to rank for dozens of keywords within the sub topic.

We Check Competitiveness

Next we inspect Google's allintitle data for each keyword group. This shows us the number of pages that contain the exact phrase within their title. This process often turns up hidden gem titles. These “hidden gems” are marked by both high word occurrence and low allintitle.

We Create Your Article Outlines

Finally we use our newfound data to map out your article outlines weaving in the most relevant word and phrase occurrences. These outlines will allow you to write densely relevant content on each of the topics we deliver to you (or we could write them for you).

Fully Backed by our 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee

If, for any reason, you decide not to approve the topics we deliver, we're happy to offer a full refund. We work hard to deliver great topics for every business we work with, and we know they'll get you great results but if for any reason you're not satisfied we'll happily process a swift refund of the full purchase price.

Delivered Within Three Business Days

We manually comb through all the data we uncover to create a clear picture of the best topics most likely to rank highly for your business. Our team creates every article outline individually, verifying the data we find, checking Google and choosing the most important subtopics to cover within each article.

Even with our in-house software and constantly working to improve and streamline our processes this is a labor-intensive, human based process. We'll work hard to complete your project quickly.