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Hayley Hudson
Content Writer

BlogTopics has been helping me find new blog post topics for my niche blog. I've only just started using it and have already sorted my content plan for the next 3 months!

Keith Terrell
Founder @ Rank Revival

There's a few tools out there for grouping keywords. 1. They're not cheap 2. I'm still left with a lot of work to do after it's complete. both outperforms, and does the 'after work' already so you can get on with whatever else you're doing.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? Maybe we've answered it already.

You enter your seed keyword and we return all of the topics we have in our database, that include the word mentioned! Soon, we will be able to include closely related topics too, but for now they're directly related topics based on your seed. You might need to enter a few different seeds to return all the topics you need.

There are 2 reasons we include market. The first is that the topic is created from SERP groupings, which are country localised, and thus each topic is assigned the market of which it was grouped from. The second is for volume data. As the data expands, keywods will become cross market, and they may have volume, but not groupings. Changing the market will give you market-specific volumes.

Our volume data is gathered from Google Adwords, and our SERP data is gathered by us, allowing us full access for grouping and domain/url performance.

Sometimes we've run multiple seperate projects with a similar keyword set, but haven't collated them. This means that they may have been grouped seperately. Whilst this will change in the future, for now, you will just need to use your intuition to de-dupe similar topics if they appear. We already have de-duplication & merging logic in place, and will expand it over time.

Right now, the best use-case is to just browse and find new topics to cover. This is just the beginning though. We will soon be expanding the features so that it becomes a truly unique tool.

Performance! Some topics have hundreds of keywords, and right now - we just can't return them all. We will, eventually, just can't yet. So some topics will show more keywords than returned when you expand the topic.

We've only just started, and there are some gremlins in our grouping process - grouping gremlins. We'll be ironing them out, so please just ignore anything that doesn't look like it fits.

Because of how the source data for volumes is from Google Adwords, it has issues with similar keywords returning the same volumes. For now, there is nothing we can do. As we move forward, we will have tech in place to better de-duplicate these, and attempt to remove over-inflated volumes.

We're getting there. We will slowly be expanding our database overtime, scaling it with user needs. Whilst we're in alpha, we can't offer custom topics. Once we're ready for beta, you will be able to register & request niche-specific topics to be researched and added to the tool.

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