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Free Blog Ideas

Blog topic suggestions, all tailored from your seed keywords.

Semantic Grouping

Alternative to SERP grouped topics, offering ideas at no cost.


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Get Free Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

Have you ever sat down, ready to write, but your mind's as blank as a new page? That's where our Blog Topic Discovery Tool jumps in to save the day! Picture it as your creative sidekick, ready to spark ideas when you type in up to 3 seed keywords. Perfect for bloggers, marketers, and content creators eager for fresh topics.

Why Use Our Tool?

Imagine cutting down hours of brainstorming to just a few clicks. Our tool doesn't just give you topics; it dishes out inspiration with a side of keyword magic.

It's All About You

Tailor-made content ideas that charm both readers and search engines? Yes, please! Our free tool grabs you related keywords based on your seeds, and then semantically groups them into topic ideas ready for you to cover.

Topics on real keywords

We use a variety of data sources to compile topics based on what real users are actually searching. No more guessing. These topics are what your possible users are already searching for.

Semantic vs SERP grouped topics

Our free tool offers semantically-grouped topics, wheras our members get higher-quality SERP grouped topics. Think of it as the entry-level BlogTopics. Some great blog topic ideas, but with lower level grouping & limited data.

What's the difference?

Well, SERP grouped topics are direct via Google ranking data. We look at the SERPs for thousands of keywords, and compare what URLs are ranking. If a certain percentage of URLs match across the different keyords, we can assume they're related under the same topic. Semantically grouped topics just contain similar words, essentially Synonyms, but with a bit more to it. They're a more basic version, but cheaper to compute and thus we can offer them free.

Are semantically grouped topics still valuable?

You bet! Whilst not as good as SERP-grouped topics, our semantic topics can still help you sift through the data to easily highlight blog topic recommendations. You might just need to put in some additional work manually collating related topics - something our members get handled for them based on the SERP grouping.

Why can't you offer free SERP-based topics

SERP-based topics are expensive to run, as you need to process thousands of keywords for just a handful of topics. Semantically grouped topics offer us the ability to be able to group those same keywords, in a more basic way, where the only cost is our server.

Ready, Set, Write!

Start your journey to endless content possibilities today. Dive in, and let's turn those seed keywords into a forest of blog post ideas. Your audience awaits!

Complete your content canvas.

Search less, discover more – fill your editorial calendar with blog topics that resonate.

  • Your keywords spun into topics that grab attention.
  • Gain access to search trends and data that put you one step ahead.
  • Topic research tailored to what you need - we got you.


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Hayley Hudson
Content Writer

BlogTopics has been helping me find new blog post topics for my niche blog. I've only just started using it and have already sorted my content plan for the next 3 months!

Keith Terrell
Founder @ Rank Revival

There's a few tools out there for grouping keywords. 1. They're not cheap 2. I'm still left with a lot of work to do after it's complete. both outperforms, and does the 'after work' already so you can get on with whatever else you're doing.

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